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logotipo da empresa

We are here to transform
people and companies for the construction
of a better world

Us and the world

We are made of us, each one carries
a universe within itself, and the other to
out. The knots unify us

We are Iluminatta

We are here to transform people and companies
to build a better world.
We work on the transformation of the world
through the education of leaders and people.


Transformation School

It is not that same education we receive at schools
but the kind of education that awakens our sense of who we are
and of our importance in the world, a deep journey within the heart
and the world of consciousness.


Leaders who inspire

A systemic change needs organizations and leaders
who are educators and who make changes
to build a better world.

Our Training

They are all comprehensive and you are free to experience your learning at your own pace.

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