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There are many levels of impact and contribution that trainers, teachers and educators provide to their students. Some teach knowledge, and this knowledge can transform minds. Some have the ability to move and teach humanity through their heart, and so touch the heart of the students. Some still convey strength, perseverance, and the "you can!" message that encourages the student's personal accomplishments in the most diverse professional fields and in life.

And there are also those who touch the soul, those whose lives transform and inspire by the simple fact that they themselves are what they teach, they are connected to their missions of life and visions of a better world.


They must hold the deep knowledge of what will be taught, the skills and strategies for transferring that knowledge focused on its maximum retention and incorporation, they must allow the presence of their human feelings and must be connected to a deep and inspiring sense of purpose and mission, while performing these activities.

Who it is for:

  • People who are sure, deep in their souls, that their professional mission and their personal fulfillment is somehow linked to acting as a trainer or educator helping people to transform and grow;
  • Trainers in areas linked to human development (HR, NLP, Coaching, Enneagram, Constellation, TA, Behavior Analysis, Leadership, among others) or people who are ready to start this activity and make this transition;
  • Business HR professionals (T & D) who carry out internal training and who feel that this is meaningful to themselves and to the students at a level that goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills;


  • Principles of Human Development Training, including Andragogy and Experiential Education;
  • Training at multiple levels (environment, behaviors, skills, beliefs and values, mission, vision and identity) and the trainer's personal purpose and alignment with all these levels;
  • Basic structure and design of training programs, courses, exercises, experiential activities, materials and demonstrations;
  • Diverse strategies and abilities to manage the group, their relationships and learning;
  • Presentation skills: choosing and preparing the theme, stage positioning, use of voice and materials;
  • Techniques for effective feedback for students and participants (for their learning);
  • Modeling of great trainers/educators and the awakening of your unique and personal style aligned to this;
  • Rapport techniques (empathy and connection) with the group and with individual differences in learning style;
  • Dealing with criticism and tough students;
  • Multiple practices of presentations followed by feedback (trainer and group), with immediate activities to incorporate the learning before the next practice;
  • Various techniques and practices to create the best possible emotional state during a presentation;
  • The "Hero's Journey" of each trainer, his vision and mission;
  • How to teach connected to a greater field of inspiration and spirituality. Practices to place oneself in the position of "channel" of higher intelligence;
  • Presentation of a personal training project followed by the trainer’s feedback and mentoring. Extra activities focused on body-heart-mind-spirit integration during this personal and group journey during the 7 days.


  • Previous experience in training, education or teaching and deeply personal and purposeful connection with the project that will be undertaken or a huge desire to embark on this career, the result of an internal certainty that this is part of your mission in life;
  • Proven knowledge in one or more human development systems/tools (NLP, Enneagram, Coaching, TA, Theater, Andragogy, Experiential Education, Constellation, Rebirth) and prior definition of which project or line you will undertake in this area;
  • Have undergone some previous process of personal transformation (NLP training, Enneagram, therapy, Coaching or others) and be willing to transform during the program;
  • A previous interview with trainer Nicolai Cursino (via Skype) to align expectations and personal goals with the program, as well as evaluation of the personal moment, purpose and experience of the candidate. This interview is mandatory and it may lead to the conclusion that other steps will be required before entering this program.

Structure of the program:

  • Guided reading and reflections on the book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" (Richard Bach) linked to your mission and projects as a coach;
  • Response to questionnaires with information about your project and area of activity as trainer;
  • Specific activity (if any) suggested individually by coach Nicolai Cursino after the selection interview by Skype.


  • Seven days in full-time immersion regimen and with complementary activities at night. Content, tools, practical applications, group work, and instructor guidance for the next post-course steps.


  • After approval of the proposed human development training project and subsequent implementation report, which will be reviewed individually by the instructor. He will request improvements and indicate new activities for certification if deemed necessary.
  • The certificate will be issued by Iluminatta Brasil Desenvolvimento Humano, entitled "Trainer in Human Development", according to Iluminatta’s methodology principles;
  • After certification, your name will go to the registration of certified professionals within a specific site and can be used as a reference for the commercial presentation of your work.


  • Participation in the course does not guarantee certification in the program, which will depend on 100% of participation in-class and on activities of the subsequent project. The participant must sign an awareness form prior to the enrollment in the course.
  • The participant must participate in a previous Skype interview or telephone call with the trainer Nicolai Cursino before signing up for this group. The participant's objectives and previous experience will be assessed and also the compatibility of this training to the participant's moment of life.
  • The group will be limited to 20 participants.
  • The student must complete the certification activities in a maximum period of 6 months after the end of the face-to-face phase. If the student exceeds the deadline, certification will only be possible through a new participation in the face-to-face phase.

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