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Self-knowledge for
true self-realization


“"I am the ENNEAGRAM ...I am complete, infinite, dynamic and transcendental. I am multileveled and multidimensional, I am a system, a map, a tool and a path. I am sacred geometry, I will shed light on all the cyclical processes of transformation of the universe, I will make you see yourself, inside and out. Learn about me, and my secrets, through your mind and heart, and be transformed forever ... " ”
- Nicolai Cursino.


ILUMINATTA'S ENNEAGRAM SCHOOL is a comprehensive school of study, learning, personal, interpersonal, and organizational transformation through the multiple faces and applications of the Enneagram.

It is also a SCHOOL OF TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION for all those who wish to use or teach ENNEAGRAM in the most varied contexts, from human development to organizational transformations.

The structure of the SCHOOL is an international reference. Our programs range from the first contact with the Enneagram of Personalities, within the process of personal discovery and self-knowledge, to all the steps of deepening, including the 3 Instincts, the 27/54 subtypes, the movements of arrows, the spiritual dimension and energetic-bodily dynamics carried out on the Enneagram Mandala. The Enneagram of processes (Gurdjieff and others) and its laws are also part of the SCHOOL training, integrated with the Enneagram of Personalities.

Whether you are looking to transform yourself through a deep process of self-knowledge or become an Enneagram professional with a high level of training, ILUMINATTA is ready to assist you. Often, both things happen at the same time.

The knowledge inside ILUMINATTA'S ENNEAGRAM SCHOOL comprehends the most current international aspects, mainly through Nicolai Cursino’s (creator and researcher of the school) direct and periodic contact with the works of Russ Hudson (Enneagram Institute USA) and the experience of years of partnership with the school of narrative tradition by Helen Palmer and David Daniels. There are also direct experiences of learning and exchange with other names and lines, such as Sandra Maitri, Tom Condon, Ginger Lapd-Bogda, Uranio Paes, EIBN (Enneagram in Business Network, USA) - of which Nicolai was a senior mentor - besides knowledge of Sufism and Gnostic Christianity. We have participated in diverse conferences of the IEA (International Enneagram Association) in the USA and have taught more than 7000 people around the world.

There are also specific training programs, such as Eneacoaching® (exclusive name and methodology created and registered by Iluminatta at the National Intellectual Property Institute), the training of coaches in Enneagram for Business (based on the book "Enneagram for Leaders" by Nicolai Cursino, creator of the school), and the Master Mentoring, individual mentoring program for training teachers and Enneagram professionals.

Access content, applications and goals
of each of the 9 programs
by clicking the points in the Mandala below:

The certification programs

The ILUMINATTA ENNEAGRAM SCHOOL provides two levels of certification in Enneagram:

EPTC (Enneagram Professional Training Certification):

Composed of the 3 programs that form the central triangle of the Mandala:

  • Enneagram 1 of Personalities.
  • Subtypes, wings and arrows.
  • 9 levels of Development.

After the Enneagram 1, you can take the following courses in any order: Subtypes, Arrows and Wings, and Spiritual Enneagram. They are 3 programs of 4 days of training each, a total of 12 days of training. There are no prerequisites for joining and no additional requirements after the courses. For details about the courses, click on the Programs Mandala above.

Master EPTC (Enneagram Professional Training Certification):

Composed of the 9 programs that form the Mandala, followed by the Enneagram Master Mentoring Individual process.

After completing the Enneagram 1, all of the 8 other programs can be taken in any order.

The Master Mentoring process, consisting of 3 individual sessions, can only be completed after completing the 9 programs and it is the final requirement for the Master EPTC certification. Attending the training courses alone does not confer certification.

It is important to note that the training programs Eneacoaching® and Business Enneagram - Training of Trainers have their own requirements for certification within the program.

* The Master EPTC certification enables you to become an associate of Iluminatta to teach Enneagram courses if you want. It allows you the use of Iluminatta materials for initial courses, grants the mentoring for teaching and even the advertisement of your courses on Iluminatta’s website, subject to the conditions that will be provided to those interested in the certification process.

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