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Organizations that inspire and transform

EOrganizations that inspire and transform

What we believe: organizations and their leaders have a purpose and a reason for existence that go far beyond themselves. Knowing these purposes and acting in a way that is aligned with them is fundamental to the prosperity of organizations, people, and the planet. We strongly believe that every Corporate Education process must be an act of transformation, ranging from the organizational culture and its attributes to the intimate emotions and thoughts of its leaders. The development of our society towards a better planet is largely in the hands of the corporate world and its leaders. Its economic and social powers, and political influence make it imperative that corporate cultures and their leaders be more aware, more competent, more psychologically and spiritually developed, and more focused on a more sustainable and systemic purpose of growth and abundance, considering everyone, not just themselves.

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Practice the true purpose of your business

We are co-responsible and grateful for the transformations we generate in the world. We believe that innovation in methodologies is critical for leadership development and corporate education to succeed today. The world has changed; people have changed, so methods must change as well. We live in a digital and systemic world, and in the same way that we are faster in information and collaborative creation, we integrate Distance Learning and the production of Applications for learning, we also delve deeper into ourselves trying to know ourselves better, reinvent ourselves, and find higher purposes to do what we do. Iluminatta works with deep, sustainable and continuous transformation processes, supported by the 6Ds methodology (six disciplines that transform corporate education into results to the business). Our designs focus on the final results desired by the organization for each specific project.

Needs are studied based on employee interviews, analysis of internal assessments, employee climate surveys, senior leadership meetings, and study of the strategic business planning. The design of leadership actions also takes into account the configuration of the organization's specific Leadership Pipeline, starting from the basis of the Ram Charam model and extending to 4 dimensions of leadership levels: Identity and Values, Skills, Time Application and Emotional Maturity.

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